Bionaire Digital Power Heater

Bionaire Digital Power Heater Bionaire Ceramic Heaters

Product Description

Bionaire Digital Power Heater Bionaire Ceramic Heaters

A cold room warms up quickly with this sleek-profile heater. Because the air intake and heat exhaust vents are both on the front, the heater can be placed directly against a wall. Measuring 14 by 8-1/2 by 6 inches, the compact and lightweight heater takes up very little floor space and can even sit on a table or desk. Digital push-button controls allow precise adjustments for temperature settings and low (750 watts) or high (1,500 watts) heat output, and the lighted display shows both the desired and actual room temperatures. Once the desired room temperature is reached, the fan cycles on and off to maintain the temperature and save energy. A nightlight automatically comes on in the dark, and can be turned off at the push of a button if desired. For safety reasons the heater will shut off if it starts to overheat. Designed in Canada, the Bionaire heater comes with a two-year warranty. --Ann Bieri

Bionaire Digital Power Heater

Bionaire Digital Power Heater Bionaire Ceramic Heaters    Bionaire Digital Power Heater Bionaire Ceramic Heaters

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Top Features

  • Sleek, digital-control heater
  • Designed to be placed against a wall
  • Display shows actual and desired room temperatures
  • Night-light feature
  • Two comfort control speeds

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Room or space heating units are an easy as well as more cost effective solution to help to keep you warm when ever the temperature decline . By warming the room one needs instead of your entire building , these products can help in keeping down your energy costs.

You can find 3 main designs of space or room heaters that individuals decide to buy . They are the ceramic , oil filled and infared forms and each one provides their unique advantage and drawbacks.

Ceramic space heaters operate by applying voltage to ceramic materials that produce heat which is then transferred to aluminium materials that heat up . A fan then controls the hot air exactly where the individual prefers it.

Infrared heaters make use of long wave infrared radiation to provide you heat.

Oil filled heaters continue to require an electrical source to perform however use oil as a heat reservoir and sends heat by means of convection to the outside surface area of the unit . They can be efficient to operate however because the outside parts become heated they have to be utilized with care to stop any fires or burns.