Ceramic Tower Heater, WHT0571

Ceramic Tower Heater, WHT0571 Infrared Heaters

Product Description

Ceramic Tower Heater, WHT0571 Infrared Heaters

The oscillation feature of this Westinghouse ceramic heater allows you to cover even a larger area on those chilly nights at home. Choose from high heat, low heat or fan only depending on the chill in the air. An integrated handle makes for an easy and quick transition from one room to another.

18.7" Ceramic Tower Heater, WHT0571

Ceramic Tower Heater, WHT0571 Infrared Heaters    Ceramic Tower Heater, WHT0571 Infrared Heaters Eligible For Free Shipping

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Top Features

  • 3 Settings: High, Low, Fan Only
  • Adjustable thermostat control with power on indicator light
  • Oscillation function
  • Carry Handle
  • Secondary Power Switch, assuring the heater does not accidently turn on. Giving you full control.
  • Overheat shut off, automatically turns your heater off when its reached a certain temperature for your safety.
  • 1500 Watts of power

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Area heating units are a simple and easy and cost-effective way to help keep you warm and comfy once the temperature ranges decline . By warming up the space you prefer rather than your whole home , they will help in keeping down your power cost.

One can find 3 main types of space heating units that folks choose . These are the ceramic , oil filled and infared kinds and each one has their own advantage and down sides.

Ceramic space heaters do the job by applying voltage to ceramic components that make heat which is next transferred to aluminium parts that heat up . A fan then distributes the heated up air wherever the end user needs and wants it.

Infrared heaters make use of long wave infrared radiation to deliver heat.

Oil filled heaters still need to have electrical power to perform however make use of oil as a heat reservoir and transmits heat by means of convection to the outside surface area of the product . They can be efficient to use but bear in mind because the outside surface areas end up getting hot they should be used carefully to avoid any fires or burns.