Comfort Zone Ceramic Heater (2 PACK, Red)

Comfort Zone Ceramic Heater (2 PACK, Red) Ceramic Heaters

Product Description

Comfort Zone Ceramic Heater (2 PACK, Red) Ceramic Heaters

The fan-dispersed Ceramic is powerful compact. Rather than heating empty rooms when cool weather comes around, stay comfortable with this focused heater. This handy device comes with an adjustable thermostat so you can more accurately control how warm you are. This multi-purpose ceramic heater with thermostat also features a molded handle, making it easy to carry, and the body stays cool during operation. This item also incorporates a safety power cut-off switch that will turn off the heater if it tips over, helping prevent accidents. The four-position rotary control switch and power indicator light make this device easy to use and adjust so you're as warm as you want to be. This compact ceramic heater has an output of 5,120-BTU and you can set the control switch to low, high and fan to achieve the desired temperature and dispersal, depending on the room size

Comfort Zone Ceramic Heater (2 PACK, Red)

Comfort Zone Ceramic Heater (2 PACK, Red) Ceramic Heaters    Comfort Zone Ceramic Heater (2 PACK, Red) Ceramic Heaters

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Top Features

  • 1500 watts | Four-position rotary control switch: Off, low, high and fan | Adjust to exactly how much heat you need to be cozy
  • Stay-cool body with molded handle | Safety tip-over power cut-off switch | Powerful and compact
  • Adjustable thermostat | Btu output: 5120
  • Recommended room size: 130 sq ft | Ideal for staying warm when the weather turns cold
  • Save power and money by heating only the space you're in and not empty rooms

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Space or room heaters are a simple and easy as well as cost effective approach to help keep you warm and cozy if the temperatures fall . By heating the space that will be required as opposed to the entire residence , they could assist in keeping down your energy costs.

You will find three main styles of space heating units that individuals order . These are the ceramic , oil filled and infared kinds and each features their unique advantage and cons.

Ceramic space heaters function by applying voltage to ceramic components that make heat which is next transferred to aluminium materials that heat up . A fan then directs the warmed up air where the user prefers it.

Infrared heating units make use of long wave infrared radiation to offer you heat.

Oil filled heaters continue to require electric power to perform however employ oil as a heat reservoir and sends heat through convection to the outside surface area of the model . They are generally cost-efficient to operate but by reason that the outside areas become heated they must run with caution to protect against any fires or burns.