EdenPURE GEN21 Infrared Heater and Cooler

EdenPURE GEN21 Infrared Heater and Cooler EdenPURE Infrared

Product Description

EdenPURE GEN21 Infrared Heater and Cooler EdenPURE Infrared

The next and greatest evolution of the world renowned EdenPURE® Infrared Heater is the GEN21 Heater/Cooler. U.S. Engineers have combined the specially designed new EdenPURE® PTC infrared heating element with the beloved, super-effective EdenPURE® Copper Heating Chamber for superior heating efficiency. They have also added an advanced bladeless fan so the GEN21 can be used year round.

The EdenPURE®, with over 4 million satisfied customers around the world, is specially designed to warm or cool any home, room or office, from floor to ceiling evenly.

The EdenPure GEN21 Infrared Heater and Cooler is the next generation of the EdenPURE Wall-Hugger with latest technology, safety and comfort features incorporated to provide you with greater comfort, more savings and years of reliability.

The EdenPure GEN21 comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

EdenPURE GEN21 Infrared Heater and Cooler

EdenPURE GEN21 Infrared Heater and Cooler EdenPURE Infrared    EdenPURE GEN21 Infrared Heater and Cooler EdenPURE Infrared

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Top Features

  • Even, warm heat or cool air from corner to corner
  • EdenPURE® copper heating chambers for top notch effectiveness.
  • Cools with fan only setting by drawing cool air up into the room.
  • Powerful fan for circulation throughout the room
  • New high performance fan driven by ball bearing for more airflow and quieter operation.

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Room heaters are an easy in addition to inexpensive approach to aid in keeping you snug the moment the temperatures plunge . As a result of heating the space or room that will be needed and not the entire house , they should help keep down your energy expenses.

You can find 3 main kinds of space heaters that folks choose . These types are the ceramic , oil filled and infared variants and each one carries their own advantages and down sides.

Ceramic space heaters run by applying voltage to ceramic materials that generate heat and that is next transferred to aluminium components that heat up . A fan then sends the warmed air wherever the end user requires it.

Infrared heaters use long wave infrared radiation to offer you heat.

Oil filled heaters still require an electrical source to run however utilize oil as a heat reservoir and sends heat by way of convection to the outside surface area of the device . They can be cost-efficient to operate but bear in mind because the outside surface areas end up getting hot they need to run with care to prevent any fires or burns.