Honeywell Two Position Fan Heater

Honeywell Two Position Fan Heater Honeywell

Product Description

Honeywell Two Position Fan Heater Honeywell

The Honeywell two position heater combines 3 power settings and a unique dual position design that allows for multiple placement options while creating a comforting environment! this new heater fan features 2 heat settings - high output 1500 watts, and 750 watts on low - and an adjustable thermostat, all designed to give you control of your comfort. A "fan only" mode allows this unit to also provide comfort even on moderate days. Additionally, this heater offers added protection as it is equipped with multiple safety features such as 3x overheat protection, cool touch housing, high Temp Plastics and reinforced wiring and connections. The design and versatility of this heater is truly unique - it can operate in an upright position or on its side, depending on the space where you need to use it. At only 12 inches tall but with 1500 watts of power, it is ideal for under desks, office spaces and other smaller rooms to create the warm, comforting environment you want.

Honeywell Two Position Fan Heater

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Top Features

  • Manual controls with three settings: high heat (1500 Watts), low heat (750 Watts), and no heat (fan only)
  • Two placement options: upright or on its side
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 3x overheat protection with 2 overheat sensors and a back-up cut off fuse to help prevent Overheating
  • Cool touch housing with thermal insulated wiring

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Space or room heating units are a handy and inexpensive solution to assist in keeping you warm and cozy when ever the temperature lower . By heating up the space or room that is required as opposed to all of your dwelling , they are going to help in keeping down your power fees.

One can find 3 primary types of space or room heating units that individuals buy . These include the ceramic , oil filled and infared models and each one includes their own advantages and drawbacks.

Ceramic space heaters operate by applying voltage to ceramic elements that make heat which is next transferred to aluminium materials that heat up . A fan next sends the heated up air wherever the operator prefers it.

Infrared heating units make use of long wave infrared radiation to produce heat.

Oil filled heaters still call for electricity to work however use oil as a heat reservoir and moves heat by means of convection to the outside surface area of the product . They can be cost-efficient to use but because of the fact that the outside parts end up getting hot they are required to be used with care to avoid any fires or burns.