Kenmore Infrared Room Heater, Black

Kenmore Infrared Room Heater, Black Infrared Kenmore

Product Description

Kenmore Infrared Room Heater, Black Infrared Kenmore

The Kenmore 96380 infrared heater provides comfortable, reliable warmth and style to any room. This heater warms up medium to large rooms with ease for personal comfort. The remote control makes for added convenience and the LED display is easy to read. Easy-roll castor wheels makes this unit easy to move from room to room. Built-in tilt switch, overheat protection and manual user reset for added Peace of mind.

Kenmore Infrared Room Heater, Black

Kenmore Infrared Room Heater, Black Infrared Kenmore    Kenmore Infrared Room Heater, Black Infrared Kenmore Eligible For Free Shipping

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Top Features

  • Eco setting adjusts output for efficient, even temperature
  • Convenient remote control lets you adjust and fine-tune comfort
  • Safety tilt switch automatically shuts Unit off if it tips over
  • Tip control feature keeps your heater safely in place and hard to Knock over
  • Overheat protection automatically shuts down your heater if it overheats

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Room or space heaters are a simple and easy as well as economical way to assist in keeping you warm when the temperatures drop . As a result of heating up the space you wish and not your whole house , they are going to help keep down your power costs.

You can find three main types of space or room heating units that folks decide to buy . These types are the ceramic , oil filled and infared models and each possesses their own benefits and drawbacks.

Ceramic space heaters work by applying voltage to ceramic elements that produce heat which is next transferred to aluminium components that heat up . A fan then distributes the heated air wherever the person wants it.

Infrared heating units utilize long wave infrared radiation to produce heat.

Oil filled heaters still require electricity to work however use oil as a heat reservoir and transmits heat using convection to the outside surface area of the model . They are generally cost-efficient to operate however because the outside surfaces get hot they must be used with care to stop any fires or burns.