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Delightyourlife Electric Panel Heater GH-15F, Crystal Glass Flat Convector Heater with LED Screen and Remote Control, 1500W, Black

Delightyourlife GH-15F Glass Panel convection heater of Continental style, a new product based on high-tech R & D, featuring a novel style, quick heating, high thermal efficiency, security, no noise, no open flame, long life and simple maintenance. The European convection heater features a heating element with aluminum heat sink, long-life, safe, reliable multi-temperature control security settings, tip-over power off settings, metal housing, universal casters, types of wall-hanging and ceiling-hang, power line, operation control panel and work settings, etc. The heating element with aluminum heat sink generates heat rapidly after power is on, allowing a quick air circulation flow, so that room temperature may rise quickly to achieve desired heating effect. FEATURES: – Noble, elegant and beautiful special black crystal glass panel; – High-quality X-shape heating element with aluminum: made of advanced technology, fast heat, big thermal area, rapid temperature rise, stable performance, no oxygen consumption, no light consumption; – Silent warmth: quiet and cozy; – Operation Function of touch switch; – Display panel of digital screen, infrared remote control, easy and simple. – Display of automatic determination of ambient temperature. – 24-hour switch on and off: easy, safe, reliable. – Portable wall-mounted structure: easy for you to install according to actual needs. – Multiple safety device: Auto power-off protection during overheating, safer and more at ease. SPECIFICATIONS: Model: GH-15F Voltage: 120V AC Frequency: 60Hz Watts: 750W/1500W INCLUDES: Delightyourlife GH-15F Glass Panel Heater Floor Standing Instructions Manual […]