Vornado TH1 Whole Room Tower Heater

Vornado TH1 Whole Room Tower Heater Ceramic Heaters Vornado

Product Description

Vornado TH1 Whole Room Tower Heater Ceramic Heaters Vornado

The Vornado TH1 Tower Heater effectively circulates heat, without the need for oscillation, using V-Flow™ heat circulation. Whole room heat circulation begins with a powerful blower to create a strong current of hot air. By passing the heat through specially contoured louvers, the TH1 distributes the heated air in a wide, V-shaped pattern that creates a more consistently comfortable space. This wide, powerful airflow is superior to oscillating heaters that create unbalanced heat output and leave hot and cold spots in the room. The TH1 gives you simple control of the on-board thermostat to precisely dial in your comfort setting. Select from 3 fan settings, and select "Auto" mode to allow the fan to cycle on and off with the heating element, or "Continuous" for constant circulation with or without heat. The TH1 is equipped with a host of safety features, including a tipover switch, automatic safety shut off if airflow becomes obstructed, a sturdy, non-oscillating base, and an exterior that stays cool to the touch, even after hours of operation. Model is made for 120 volts only.

Vornado TH1 Whole Room Tower Heater

Vornado TH1 Whole Room Tower Heater Ceramic Heaters Vornado    Vornado TH1 Whole Room Tower Heater Ceramic Heaters Vornado Eligible For Free Shipping

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Top Features

  • Signature V-Flow whole room heat circulation with wide heating zone, no oscillation needed
  • 3 heat settings and an adjustable thermostat for temperature control
  • Automatic safety tip-over switch and overheat shut-off protection
  • Whisper quiet operation and energy efficient
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty

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Room or space heating units are a handy as well as cost efficient approach to help keep you warm if the temperature go down . Through heating the room or space you wish instead of the entire home , they should help to keep down your energy costs.

You will discover 3 main kinds of space heating units that customers opt for . These are the ceramic , oil filled and infared types and each one comes with their unique advantage and negatives.

Ceramic space heaters do the job by applying voltage to ceramic components that generate heat which is then transferred to aluminium pieces that heat up . A fan subsequently sends the hot air exactly where the customer requires it.

Infrared heating units make use of long wave infrared radiation to provide you with heat.

Oil filled heaters still require electricity to run however use oil as a heat reservoir and sends heat by using convection to the outside surface area of the device . These are cost-efficient to run however because the outside areas get heated they should be be used with caution to prevent any fires or burns.