Hiland HIL-BG-E2B Electric Forced Air Heater, Variable 25/1500 Watts, w/Stand, Circular, Yellow

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Hiland HIL-BG-E2B Electric Forced Air Heater, Variable 25/1500 Watts, w/Stand, Circular, Yellow

  • Forced air heater
  • Comes with ground stand
  • Equipped with variable control
  • Powered by electricity
  • 8″ x 10″ x 12″
  • 25-1500 Watts
  • 110-120V, 60Hz
  • Adjustable thermostat control/ Overheat protection
  • Insulated handle for safety
  • Waterproof

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More Space Heaters To Choose From

Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Indoor Safe Propane Heater, Medium
  • Indoor-safe portable propane heater for rooms up to 95 square feet. THIS UNIT IS NOT INTENDED FOR GOLF CART USE OR FOR MOTORIZED VEHICLES.
  • Continuous odor-free, 45-degree heating angle. Maximum Elevation (Ft) 7000 Feet. Automatic low oxygen shut-off system (ODS). Perfect solution for heating small enclosed spaces like tents up to 95 square feet
  • Simple on/off buttons; uses 1-pound disposable propane cylinder (not included). Run time at minimum btu and maximum btu is 5.6 hours. Do­ not­ operate­ heater­ in­ any ­moving­ vehicle. This ­heater ­requires ­a­ vent­ area­ of­ 4­ square­ inches­ minimum ­for­ adequate ventilation ­during­ operation
Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater, Red-Black
  • 4,000- to 9,000-BTU radiant heater for spaces up to 225 square feet. Approved for indoor/outdoor use; clean-burning; nearly 100-percent efficient
  • When operating the heater at altitudes over 7,000 FT above sea level the heater may shut off.
  • Auto shut-off if tipped over, if pilot light goes out, or if detects low oxygen levels. Fuel Consumption/Burn Rate (Gal/Hr) at 4000 BTU = 0.044 Gal/Hr, at 9000 BTU = 0.099 Gal/Hr
Patio Heater Assembly
  • Assembly of 1 customer-supplied heater
  • Verification of safe, free-standing unit location
  • Product should be in the room where it is to be assembled before provider arrives. Moving product after assembly is not included
Mr. Heater Optional 6Volt Power Adapter for Big Buddy Heater
  • Plug into any standard 100V outlet
  • Alternate power source in lieu of D-size batteries
  • Simple and easy to use
AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater - Pink
  • Compact personal space heater design that is small enough for tables or desktops
  • Featuring efficient ceramic coils that heat up in seconds
  • Available in 4 colors to custom-match your decor

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Energy Efficient Space Heaters

Space heaters can undoubtedly assist you to to have heat to locations where you otherwise wouldn’t have it. This could be a short-term circumstance or it might be when your common heating system just isn’t doing what it must to cover the require in the course of certain occasions of your year. The cost of the added power even though could make your electric bill go through the roof. That is why you should be searching into getting these which can be energy effective.

These models will do much more than just save you dollars on your heating charges. They may be going to help preserve the all-natural resource of electrical energy that we've got. A lot of of it is actually wasted frequently by households around the globe. That is definitely a significant concern as these types of all-natural sources require to meticulously be monitored and only the essential volume of them accessed and employed.

You will be capable of tell from the details on the box or on the advertisement if a particular model of space heater is power efficient or not. The majority of these models will not expense you any more than other models so it actually is actually a winning situation for you personally to invest in them. Do not let the smaller sized sizes of them fool you either. In a lot of instances you will get additional heat than you do with other models of space heaters.

Take your time for you to evaluate information just before you buy an power efficient space heater. You want to be sure to are buying a high-quality item that may be well known for getting an outstanding safety rating. You also wish to make sure it's going to offer you enough heat for the size of room that you are going to become placing it into.

You can effortlessly evaluate all of that details like costs for power effective space heaters on line. You will be capable of get rating information that is certainly from trustworthy sources so you do not have to just depend on the advertisements from the many companies to provide you with what is definitely crucial.

Energy effective space heaters can guarantee you might have the heat you may need in a variety of regions. They can also ensure you do not must spend greater than essential to have the ability to appreciate it. You shouldn’t have to be afraid of what your heating bill is going to become as a consequence of plugging in an additional source for heat.

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